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I have been having my eyebrows threaded for nearly a decade and never have I ever received such horrific services
To begin with my eyebrows did not even match one was pointed and slightly higher than the rounded lower other. It was ridiculous and when I told the beautician that the eye brows didn't match her rude reply was that they were perfect after about a 5 minute argument she refunded my wasted £3. I then had to get my eyebrows salvaged by payin another beautician a further £4.
This was an absoulte disgusting service. Even after sayin that I would complain the beautician told me that I was the first to complain about them and subsequently showed me her til receipt to say that she was always busy and that their service was the best. WARNING TO ALL if you do not want to turn up to work lookin like your daughter has taken a shaver to your eyebrows avoid this place at all costs!!!!   10-04-16