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Go somewhere else, pathetic service, got almost every detail about my dad wrong even his date of birth - all the while saying how important is the life between two dates, and one of them was wrong! - A complete shambles and my last memory of my father who I loved very much is just awful - thanks to Barton & Hallworth. Nothing about the service they provided was any good, nothing at all. If you want a pathetic half-baked effort with no thought for you or your loved one then there's no place on earth like Barton & Hallworth. If you want respect and care with some effort made for the last day you'll ever have to remember someone you loved and who loved you - go anywhere else but Barton & Hallworth. Whatever they charged for this pantomime they've charged 99.9% too much. Had the phone put down on me by the very rude, ignorant lying owner when I tried to speak to them even after the fool woman agreed the mistakes made and agreed to put them right. AVOID AT ALL COSTS   08-10-20
Tags: Pathetic